Friday, September 15, 2006

Run Lola run

That day, for no particular reason,
I decided to go for a little run.

So I ran to the end of the road,
and when I got there, I thought
maybe I'd run to the end of town.

And when I got there...
...I thought maybe I'd just run across Greenbow County.
And I figured since I run this far,
maybe I'd just run across the great...
...state of Alabama.

And that's what I did I ran clear across Alabama.
For no particular reason, I just kept on going.
I ran clear to the ocean.
And when I got there, I figured since I'd gone this far,
I might as well turn around, just keep on going.
When I got to another ocean, I figured since I've gone this far,
I might as well just turn back, keep right ongoing.

When I got tired, I slept.
When I got hungry, I ate.
When I had to go, you know, I went.

People just couldn't believe that somebody
would do all that running for no particular reason.
People asks for what reason I am running?
...I just felt like running.

My Momma always said
you got to put the past behind you before you can move on.
And I think that's what my running was all about...

-Forrest Gump

I was sitting a lil' early in the morning with my shoes on.
I was in the trance...
I don't know why but i too just felt like to go for little run ....
may be i want to put my past behind, may be I just don’t know…

I don’t know…but I want to run…to cut loose my tangled brain nerves…
I want to run all-naked in all empty roads…
I want to run to the end of the road…to the Blue Mountains.
I want to run till I get tired…
so that I could sleep well at the end of it.

I want to run…to clean my thoughts, destroyed by dust and moth…
I want to run…just run…for no particular reason...

Man, the only thing on earth I know is “I don’t know”…

This remind me of what Jim Morrison once said …

“But i tell you this man…
i tell you this…
i don't know whats gonna happen man
but i wanna have my kicks before the
whole shit house goes up in flames..”


Thursday, September 07, 2006


I usually don’t watch TV much these days but this time i really hung up with the on going fuss on news channels, Vande Mataram psalm to be sung by everyone in every school , in every college and in every religion. What the heck? who the hell are these politicians to impose any such shit? I really do respect Vandey Mataram but on the other side of our Religion, there are people of other religions who belong to this country the muslim, christians and many more to whom this Vandey Mataram thing means nothing.

If you impose VM on people of every religion, would you impose muslim and christian hymns in Hindu religion schools or colleges? NO you won’t Mr. Politician.

Foundation of this country is wrong first of all. Do you know what that National flag(tricolor), means? Saffron for hindus, green for muslims and there is a white (sign of peace) in between. What does it infer? Then, why the name of our country is so baised? “Hindusthan” (The land of hindus) Do you understand the impact of such things Mr. Politician? There is a natural tendency for people of other religion to develop hatred against this county, the mighty hindus of this country and the plague called Politicians. I guess inherently that white color in flag means “A Politician” wearing white kurta pajamas, standing in between the two religion, cutting the two sides with his chakkara(A wheel with sharp tooths) and trying to fuel his soul with blood of green and blood of saffron.

I pity you India…

So coming back to Vandey Mataram thing. I refuse as a personal decision to abide by such rule and everyone else should.

I want to live in a country where a Muslim or Christian or people of any other religion can as proudly flag that emblem called Tricolor as the hindus.I want to live as a human being with no religion, with no hatred, i want to live as a Tricolor, in Hamarasthan.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006


A woman is an evil, an object of sex, a slow poison, sex adrenalin,
cause of Viagra’s origin and a definite kill. Women are sex God.

Nobody said these words but me. I am a just another desire victim of the
above mentioned kill. A kill which has not even spared her own
creator “The God”.

Women are a woe-man, woe given to man or a mankind.

If there a good, there is an evil. If there is a god, there is a devil.
If there is a man, there is a w-o-m-e-n.

I sometimes wonder why god has chosen to bring a man into this
world through a women’s foetus. God only can answer that better.

Whatever it is, it is a woman who brings you into this world of
bittersweet symphony. It is women who give you the first milk,
the drops of life, the first joy, teaches you the first lesson of life.

It is her name that you utter as a first word in this world.
It is women who give you the wings to fly. And it is women
who cut’em in the end.

Women stays with you as a prayer, Women stays with you as a spell.

Women teach you the hard laws of life, and Women breaks these laws for you.

A woman is mama, Woman is sweetheart, woman is love, a woman is
inamorata and Woman is bitch.

Sometimes I wonder if a Woman is God, and sometimes I wonder if God is a woman.

Or whatever it is…it is really confusing and a never ending definition.

Anyway you got my point …right?

- Just another Man

Friday, May 26, 2006

Since i saw you...

Since I saw you is a long while ago,
You, walking down that road
Looking down your toe,
And me, watching you from the distance.

You looked so beautiful,
A cute little school girl
You looked so beautiful,
in that school dress.

My heart beats to your steps,
I watch you coming closer to me
I watch you passing by me,
You sometimes give that look to me

I watch you going down the road
You sometimes look back to see, if am there
That was a sweet moment of my life
I know you loved me as much as I did
I know you are angry with me,
For not holding you in my arms
For not kissing your hands,
For not kissing your lips
For hurting you, my dear I know

Now how I wish, I could see you again walking down that road
And since I saw you is a long while ago,
And since you walked that road to my heart, is a long while ago.

(For my faded love memories, for my false love, for my true confession, for my innocence, for my insanity, for you...)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kali Topi

Girls, girls and girls...i am fucking tired of this gender.
Day and night only one thing revolves around my skull these days,
Girls, girls and more girls.
Aaj kissi se pyar hua to kal kissi se. Aaj isko dekh ke laga ki yeh hai mere sapno ki rani, to kal usko dekh kar. Roz ka sala yahi silsila hai...

Chalo bhai log aaj apun tumko ek ishtory sunata hai....

“Confessions of a dangerous mind” and it goes like this..

Bahut din pehle ki baat hai ki....
....I came late from my office and thought "enough-is-enough". I gotta do something about we have a broadband connection at home. So I thought I will do something about it today.
I opened an account in, and searched for all the girls in the town and invited quite a few of'em.

The very next day I got one decent response. She gave me her Yahoo id. I took her number and called her the same night. That was one BRAVE move from me. I gathered all my guts in my nuts and asked her "So, when are we meeting? she said "hmm lets say this weekend" Ok I felt like James Bond that day. Friend was obviously amazed (and me too ...kinda).

Wokey ...Friday night I called her and confirmed the venue.
It's time!!!! It took 30 minutes and two full buckets of water that day for me to take bath.
Deo, hair styling and final get up. All took 1 hour and 30 minutes. Wokey, kicked started my cycle and parked it at the venue.

The problem was, it was a blind date and I haven’t seen her picture yet. She had seen mine though!!
I called her and she said she is standing in front of Food world at MG Road.
That moment, my friendo!, I could feel blood running cold through my veins.
I was thinking "Pata nahi dekhne mein kaisi hogi. Usko apni identity kuch aur batata hoon taki kaali bhains nikli to door se dekh ke hi bhag lunga" But I could not lie that day. Ok, I reached there and gazed. One girl was talking over phone and looked at me and I looked at her. Thats how we met first time. We had buffet somewhere around and as always I could not speak much. She complained about it same night over the phone. So after that day, it was like daily routine to talk over phone for about 2-3 hours...every damn night!!! And she was the one who use to make the call all the time. Then again we met and again and again. I started talking to her little bit more. I was feeling happy ki "Saala apun bhi londi pata liya, londi ke sath movie dekha...bas apun khuuus".

Ek din Friend bola saala kabhi Bullet pe bhi ghuma. I requested her so many times to sit on my Bullet. I use to do all the dare talks over phone only and for more daring talks I use to send SMSs. Like “How if I hold your hand next time” She replied “I would not be afraid if you hold my hand but dear, I am very much confident that you do not have guts to do that” I said okieyhh!

While leaving for Date, Friend said "saaley is baar uska haath pakad ke aana nahi to apni shakal mat dikhana".

We met again, saw some movie and roamed around the city. All the time I was thinking how to hold her hand..while watching movie, eating, roaming…all the time. But could not gather enough guts.

It was already late and she had to leave so I requested to drop her. She agreed and Man, I could see the happiness on ma Bullet's headlights. It was a long drive about 15-20 KMs but NICE! I dropped her and reached home. And about same night, I got SMS from her “Girish, we are meeting for quite some time now. So what have you decided about your relationship” I was stunned and could not think what to do. I decided I won’t reply her. Sometimes my behaviour is so cheap. She kept calling me but it not pick it up. And next day morning I replied “See, payal, you are a nice girl but I have some priorities and I could not think of marrying for atleast two years. She called me instantaneously and she was FURIOUS “Why you did this to me ? why you met me if don’t want to get into a relationships??” I tried to calm her down but all in vain. She cried that day and I felt bad too. It was all my fault. I am crazy doing anything to get girls.

Next day, She tried to compromise and asked me to meet again so that we can work out something. But I said “No payal, I'm sorry but I have my priorities and your parents want you to marry soon. So I don’t think anything can be sort out. And if we meet again we will just hurt each other. Payal, you are a good girl and I am sure, you will find a better guy than me.” That was the last message I sent to her.

Thats how it ended. See, loser again.
I kept those movie tickets with me that I saw with my first ever date until one fine day, Laxmi Amma washed my t-shirt!

Time goes by and it healed the pain. Then again office mein ladki achi hai, bahar achi hai…

Aajkal naya shaouk chada hai ka kal phir se bahut saari ladkiyo ko invitation bhej diya ek to bahut pasand aa gay…jammu ki hai lekin reply nahi karti .

Abhi tum log sochta hoyenga ki ye bawrey ne topic ka naam kya rakha hai “Kali Topi”.

To bhai log, jab apun yeh article likh raha tha, tab apun Kali topi pehne tha.

Sorry for the cheap humour but I can’t help it.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Chal dil mere...

Long time back when I was small, and very new to this world, I use to go to unknown place ...alone.

If I remember correctly when I was about about 6 or 7, I was living in my village for a year or so as my father was on deputation and we had to stay with our Grands. My village was a very calm place with beautiful nature, big hills, tall trees, and rivers. I was always attracted to that calmness and wanted to explore it but as I was small, my parents always keep an eye on me. But in the afternoons when everybody goes to sleep, I use to pick up my small multi-colored-umbrella (gifted to me by my sweet granny) and runaway to the unknown places, to find those unexplored hills and for you to know, I do not fear. I was brave. I find the tall tree, big hill so cool. After reaching middle of the jungle, I use to sit under the big trees, sleep over the dry leafs from those big trees, which gives me the warmth of silk and embrace of mother. Lying there for hours, I used to dream and dream and dream. Sometimes I see the big caravan of the afghani tribals moving down the hills with their families, animals and other stuff. I used to feel good watching the caravan. All in queue coming down the hill. My grandmother use to tell me that these Afghans live far away up the hills and come down during winters only. Sitting at top of the hills and watching the whole world down under my feet at the age of 7-8 makes feel great. I can never forget that feeling ever. Then one fine day, my father came down and took us to the Ultra modern era and to hell lot of places.

Time goes by and I was growing big in that automated world but that fire, that urge, that feeling to runaway somewhere alone was still there. Then one good day, my father brought me BSA-SLR after a long tussle with him. And man I knew by that time that I have got my dream machine which will take me to those places that I craved for a long long time. I still remember the first ride on my BSA-SLR (crenchy style :) ). Then what? I use to come from school, take my lunch, wait for everybody to go for afternoons sleep and runaway...

Hot afternoons, empty roads and me on my BSA-SLR, alone, going to nowhere. I had bought one black goggles. Damn! !! cool.....

My father sometimes use to beat the hell out of me for doing all this crazy stuff. Some people still remember me as the BSA SLR guy :)

And when I go to my village these days, some old people still remember me as that Umbrella child. All of those oldies are my friend now. Whenever I visit there, I make sure I meet them and have fun!

I was growing old and losing everything inside me. When you grow up you got to do weird things you know. My father wanted me to become something and hell lot of other things that I won't discuss here. The point is, I was losing on me. Emptiness was filling me. I was becoming depressed moron for so many reasons and I started to fear loneliness, started hating my inner being and so many things. I really do not remember my time after that till some time back when I again realized my dream. My dream of going to explore things, dream of running away somewhere.

I started loving my loneliness, the calmness, the trees, the hills, exploring new places, and so many more unexplained things. I have nothing today but dream that is keeping me alive. And I have the means to achieve it.

You know what? Big boy got a big machine these days

and he will runaway…

Chal DIL mere choD Yeh Pheeree
Yeh duniya jhooti loog lutareey
Chal DIL mere choor Yeh Pheere
Yeh duniya jhooti loog lutareee
Chal DIL mereeeee

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

With arms wide open...

Life? gimme some light!!! ...i 'm fading away...

Life? gimme some light!!! ...i 'm fading away...

Life? gimme some light!!! ...i 'm fading away...

Life? gimme some light!!! ...i 'm fading away...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ramble On...

Choke on....decompression on…kick 1, kick 2
Aah...riding ma machine on big wide empty roads...
husky weather... green trees, falling yellow leafs and
eye soothing avenue. My eyes blank, mind open, searching
for soul pleasing thoughts…thump…thump…thump…
kewl breeze flirting with my long hairs, my hairs blocking my view….blocking? A lady with dusky eyes walking down
the boulevard…she was trying not to look at me….and i know why…
…i have only 3 seconds…
I looked at her, she looked somewhere…and i felt like a loser…

Arre pal bhar ke liye koi humme pyaar kar le
Jhoota hi sahi…
Do din ke liye koi ikraar kar le
Jhoota hi sahi…

But how can you feel like a loser when riding your stallion?
……to hell with oviparous urge…to hell with god who created this…
and to hell with everything else that suck…

Am on my way to heaven with me and my machine,
with no destination, with destination anywhere.

may this road never end …
may this feeling never change …
may this time freezes with me and my thumper ruling the road …


Monday, April 03, 2006

Brahmagiri Trek

Took last weekend off out of this crazy life and gone for Bhemagiri trek.


Friday, March 17, 2006

White Light

Sometimes you have so much to say but so less to express
Sometimes you feel like a loser
Sometimes you feel like listening to music
Sometimes you feel like making love
Sometimes you feel like coming home

Sometimes you think of reforms
Sometimes you want to live on your own
Sometimes you don't want to be upgrown

Most-of-the-times you talk about life
All the time you waste the time

And then comes your time
And then you see the white light
Thats seems too bright
That takes you to the place
Where you always wanted to be
Then you lose your shadow
And you feel alone
Standing in front of a man who call himself god
You don't believe him
He curse you for letting him down
You don't seems to give a damn
He sends you to the place
which they call hell
But you don't wonder
the place seems familiar to you
But you are wrong
But you feel good
You know why?
You don't know why and you don't want to know why

But i know why and i will tell you why
Because you are free now
Because you are with your soulmates
Because you are no more a rolling stone
Because you will never go back to that circle again.

Thank you white light...


Friday, February 03, 2006

Life Sucks...

It was another lonely weekend and i had enough booz. I was wondering what to do and then there was a light and i typed "Life sucks" in google. The result , Awesome.....

I know i cannot write any great stuff to impress you but i guess atleast i can be a ray of light to enlightment to ya guys and here we on the link.


Yours etc,
Just another loser.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Da Vinci Code...

To all... this is a picture from Da Vinci Code....
To me ...this picture means all different . I can see a man within the boundries (boundations).
I see two types of boundries here, the square one and the circle.

Circle one means: The circle of life. You are out of this, you are DEAD.

Square one means: In this life, you will always find two paths to choose from.


You move you arms or legs anywhere, you will either touch circle or square or both.
1) You touch the circle without touching sqaure, you have life but no destination.This means you exist but have no life.
2) You touch the square without touching circle, you have aim, destination and everything but life.
3) You touch both. The ideal life but not real.

Man... you are naked and trying to make that posture perfect whole of your life and one final day break this illusionary cycle and DEAD!

You don't believe me but i can bet my ASS that the same thing is written at top of this picture.

So which posture you attain my friend ?...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Art of living

Scene 1:
Last day of the year 2005 and i was working late in the office. Siva come to me and asked for a favour: Girish, i have a admission coupon for "art of living" course but for some reasons i cannot attend this course. Also this is a golden opportunity for you as this course generally cost 1k but celebrating silver jublee, they are giving it for 200/- only.
As always, i could not say the word "NO" and agreed.

Scene 2:
I was sitting in dhaba with some of my friends in whitefields and told them this story. I said
"i am not going to join this shit"
one of them replied:"Salay naye saal ke pehle din to koi acha kaaam kar le"
i said :"saaley saare saal achey kaam karne padenge phir" and we all laughed.
Okay, course timing was 6:30 in the evening and i finally decided to go for it.
I packed my sack and reached the venue on time. There was a long queue, people waiting for the registration. I joined them and gazed around the hall in search of some beauty but to no avail.

I was wondering if it is worth standing in the queue and wait. After waiting for 30 mins, i completed the registration and entered the big hall. Hundres of people sitting in front of stage and i also joined them and took my place at last (My good luck, a nice looking lady sat beside me). After some nautanki they started,
one man in white kurta was the instructor. To cut it short, he said :"I will ask you three questions and you have write down the answers for all of them in very detail, in very brief and be specific."
We have to write the answers in a piece of paper.

Q1) What do ya want in life?
Ans) Lot of money, a great house in tranquil, good friends, want to go for world tour, piece of mind, want to prove myself atleast once, want to be a successful man, want to have sex with lot of womens, want to have sex with a lady sitting beside me...

second question...
Q2) What is bothering you?
Ans) Digestion problems, bad luck, and blah blah blah...

Q3).What do ya expect from this course?
Ans) Hope i could get piece of mind, get away with the smoking and drinking habits, i could learn a new ways to live life to the fullest and to start with, i hope i could have a sex with this sweet lady...

Then they started some yoga tricks and first one was, we have to close our eyes and lie down on ground and take a deep breadth two three time and get back to the sitting position with our eyes closed. The moment i opened my eyes after this (ass)ana , the lady was not sitting beside me anymore..she had shifted to some other place in the hall (God, did she read my mind? i guess she looked into my manuscript while i was doing that (ass)ana). All these lasted for three hours. It was 10:30 in the night and i left for my house and again narrated the whole story to my friends and we all laughed.
I laid down in the same (ass)ana again and slept.....

And this is how i celebrated my first day of the same old new year....