Friday, May 26, 2006

Since i saw you...

Since I saw you is a long while ago,
You, walking down that road
Looking down your toe,
And me, watching you from the distance.

You looked so beautiful,
A cute little school girl
You looked so beautiful,
in that school dress.

My heart beats to your steps,
I watch you coming closer to me
I watch you passing by me,
You sometimes give that look to me

I watch you going down the road
You sometimes look back to see, if am there
That was a sweet moment of my life
I know you loved me as much as I did
I know you are angry with me,
For not holding you in my arms
For not kissing your hands,
For not kissing your lips
For hurting you, my dear I know

Now how I wish, I could see you again walking down that road
And since I saw you is a long while ago,
And since you walked that road to my heart, is a long while ago.

(For my faded love memories, for my false love, for my true confession, for my innocence, for my insanity, for you...)


$@%#&(*! said...

I thought it would be some Poem or Song of some Band. But when i come to know about its Originality i am Loving it. Good one.

abhishek said...

sahi bheedu pyar insan ko kuch bhe sikha deta hai. ghade ko insan and insan ko gadha ban deta hai .

Girish said...
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$@%#&(*! said...

Baap re.... where's that pic u have posted..... it's looking like underworld people sitting in Den!!!


Shiven said...

Meri Pyaari BINDU!! **muaah**