Friday, June 30, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006


A woman is an evil, an object of sex, a slow poison, sex adrenalin,
cause of Viagra’s origin and a definite kill. Women are sex God.

Nobody said these words but me. I am a just another desire victim of the
above mentioned kill. A kill which has not even spared her own
creator “The God”.

Women are a woe-man, woe given to man or a mankind.

If there a good, there is an evil. If there is a god, there is a devil.
If there is a man, there is a w-o-m-e-n.

I sometimes wonder why god has chosen to bring a man into this
world through a women’s foetus. God only can answer that better.

Whatever it is, it is a woman who brings you into this world of
bittersweet symphony. It is women who give you the first milk,
the drops of life, the first joy, teaches you the first lesson of life.

It is her name that you utter as a first word in this world.
It is women who give you the wings to fly. And it is women
who cut’em in the end.

Women stays with you as a prayer, Women stays with you as a spell.

Women teach you the hard laws of life, and Women breaks these laws for you.

A woman is mama, Woman is sweetheart, woman is love, a woman is
inamorata and Woman is bitch.

Sometimes I wonder if a Woman is God, and sometimes I wonder if God is a woman.

Or whatever it is…it is really confusing and a never ending definition.

Anyway you got my point …right?

- Just another Man