Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Da Vinci Code...

To all... this is a picture from Da Vinci Code....
To me ...this picture means all different . I can see a man within the boundries (boundations).
I see two types of boundries here, the square one and the circle.

Circle one means: The circle of life. You are out of this, you are DEAD.

Square one means: In this life, you will always find two paths to choose from.


You move you arms or legs anywhere, you will either touch circle or square or both.
1) You touch the circle without touching sqaure, you have life but no destination.This means you exist but have no life.
2) You touch the square without touching circle, you have aim, destination and everything but life.
3) You touch both. The ideal life but not real.

Man... you are naked and trying to make that posture perfect whole of your life and one final day break this illusionary cycle and DEAD!

You don't believe me but i can bet my ASS that the same thing is written at top of this picture.

So which posture you attain my friend ?...

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