Friday, March 17, 2006

White Light

Sometimes you have so much to say but so less to express
Sometimes you feel like a loser
Sometimes you feel like listening to music
Sometimes you feel like making love
Sometimes you feel like coming home

Sometimes you think of reforms
Sometimes you want to live on your own
Sometimes you don't want to be upgrown

Most-of-the-times you talk about life
All the time you waste the time

And then comes your time
And then you see the white light
Thats seems too bright
That takes you to the place
Where you always wanted to be
Then you lose your shadow
And you feel alone
Standing in front of a man who call himself god
You don't believe him
He curse you for letting him down
You don't seems to give a damn
He sends you to the place
which they call hell
But you don't wonder
the place seems familiar to you
But you are wrong
But you feel good
You know why?
You don't know why and you don't want to know why

But i know why and i will tell you why
Because you are free now
Because you are with your soulmates
Because you are no more a rolling stone
Because you will never go back to that circle again.

Thank you white light...



Shiven said...

The experience of the "white light" is a mystical vision seen with the mind's eye as vividly as one would see with the physical eyes, an eastern Mystic's transcendental experience.

Girish said...

I cannot help you..

$@%#&(*! said...

Finally you guys are turning on with life’s...Great contradictory
.... First soul talk’s about natural phenomenon of life. Same time, Second soul sees a white light....!
Hope for that light remains at your side........And you are no more the rolling stone....!

Girish said...

How i wish, i could help you...

Jen said...


I noticed that you commented in one of my blogs and just wanted to say helllloooo...