Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Da Vinci Code...

To all... this is a picture from Da Vinci Code....
To me ...this picture means all different . I can see a man within the boundries (boundations).
I see two types of boundries here, the square one and the circle.

Circle one means: The circle of life. You are out of this, you are DEAD.

Square one means: In this life, you will always find two paths to choose from.


You move you arms or legs anywhere, you will either touch circle or square or both.
1) You touch the circle without touching sqaure, you have life but no destination.This means you exist but have no life.
2) You touch the square without touching circle, you have aim, destination and everything but life.
3) You touch both. The ideal life but not real.

Man... you are naked and trying to make that posture perfect whole of your life and one final day break this illusionary cycle and DEAD!

You don't believe me but i can bet my ASS that the same thing is written at top of this picture.

So which posture you attain my friend ?...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Art of living

Scene 1:
Last day of the year 2005 and i was working late in the office. Siva come to me and asked for a favour: Girish, i have a admission coupon for "art of living" course but for some reasons i cannot attend this course. Also this is a golden opportunity for you as this course generally cost 1k but celebrating silver jublee, they are giving it for 200/- only.
As always, i could not say the word "NO" and agreed.

Scene 2:
I was sitting in dhaba with some of my friends in whitefields and told them this story. I said
"i am not going to join this shit"
one of them replied:"Salay naye saal ke pehle din to koi acha kaaam kar le"
i said :"saaley saare saal achey kaam karne padenge phir" and we all laughed.
Okay, course timing was 6:30 in the evening and i finally decided to go for it.
I packed my sack and reached the venue on time. There was a long queue, people waiting for the registration. I joined them and gazed around the hall in search of some beauty but to no avail.

I was wondering if it is worth standing in the queue and wait. After waiting for 30 mins, i completed the registration and entered the big hall. Hundres of people sitting in front of stage and i also joined them and took my place at last (My good luck, a nice looking lady sat beside me). After some nautanki they started,
one man in white kurta was the instructor. To cut it short, he said :"I will ask you three questions and you have write down the answers for all of them in very detail, in very brief and be specific."
We have to write the answers in a piece of paper.

Q1) What do ya want in life?
Ans) Lot of money, a great house in tranquil, good friends, want to go for world tour, piece of mind, want to prove myself atleast once, want to be a successful man, want to have sex with lot of womens, want to have sex with a lady sitting beside me...

second question...
Q2) What is bothering you?
Ans) Digestion problems, bad luck, and blah blah blah...

Q3).What do ya expect from this course?
Ans) Hope i could get piece of mind, get away with the smoking and drinking habits, i could learn a new ways to live life to the fullest and to start with, i hope i could have a sex with this sweet lady...

Then they started some yoga tricks and first one was, we have to close our eyes and lie down on ground and take a deep breadth two three time and get back to the sitting position with our eyes closed. The moment i opened my eyes after this (ass)ana , the lady was not sitting beside me anymore..she had shifted to some other place in the hall (God, did she read my mind? i guess she looked into my manuscript while i was doing that (ass)ana). All these lasted for three hours. It was 10:30 in the night and i left for my house and again narrated the whole story to my friends and we all laughed.
I laid down in the same (ass)ana again and slept.....

And this is how i celebrated my first day of the same old new year....