Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Latika's Theme

My eyes twitch, they twitch hard and it's growing, it's growing like everything else in this shithouse, the mind, the body, the soul, all in different directions, all wandering in their own way, in their own directions and are uncontrollable. I mean what have you become? A joker in this mad world? All day you talk nonsense, you do nonsense, you give nonsense and you take nonsense? You are insane, a mad dog.

You wake up in the morning and wear your mask, then you roll yourself completely into that fabricated skin, and step into the mad world.

All day long, you don't know what you do, or why you do what you do? and when the day is over, you realize that all you did is nothing but waste, a complete waste of everything. By the time you get back to your swamp, your insanity level has crossed its threshold. You curse over everything, everything that you have got and that you haven't got and why you haven't got what you haven't got and then you start hating everything and everyone in this world.

And when dusk falls over, you take your skin off, your mask off and lay down on your pad and then you remember to take a deep breath, a comprehensive deep breath, and while you're sailing deep down into your breath, you hear the silent yet sharp sound of reaching desert storm in the midnight, a sweet symphony that sea waves make, you feel that warmth and soothing touch of desert sand as if it is beneath you, you feel the mild touch of cold wind from the sea shore on your skin, the midnight blue sky right in front of your eyes is your space!

With every deep breath, you're becoming one with your root, heart and crown chakra.
At this moment, everything is washed out, you have no memory of nothing, there is complete silence inside, a complete comfort, there is no desire, no hope, no will, no feelings.
This is your moment, for you. At this moment you are ONE with it, at this moment, you are home!

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