Monday, April 06, 2009

First ride of the season

O' Well, I do not write about all my rides unless there is something special to mention. But what the heck? I am gonna write about this one (but this is special too, the first ride of the season ;-) ).

It's been fucking 5 months, 5 fucking months, fucking months 5, that I did some rolling on the roads and you know how much I love roads? :-) I love fucking roads, I fucking love 'em I get the same urges out of it as when you look at some sexy bitches arse', when you look at those poppin' cleavage of her's and its really very hard when you are deprived of both of them at the same time...You know what I am saying right?? ;-) ..yeah you know it!! its everyone's guess..

But yes, I really felt so good, so very fucking goood!!!

Summers usually starts after Mid of March every year but this one took really long to come. I was waiting for a sunny Sunday for long time and here it is, little windy but that's ok' ...thats perfectly okhey!!. Sunday morning rides are always good, so I decided to take a little roll...

Planning is also a good and funny part of any short or long just feel so free...just look at the map...point anywhere you want to go and boom!! roll on!! ...

I mapped out some 150+ miles trip to the Delaware Water Gap and High Point.

Since I hate interstate highways, I took the other route, the scenic one through the mountains and parks and jungles ...

Wind was killing me little but that's ok (Yes, soon I 'll have to fix windshield on Gandalf which will make my life easier for looong rides that are on the way this summer, wann bet? :) !! ).

Couldn't get much time to frame shots...just few.
Reached early home by 1 pm and wow I have half a day left of the weekend...swwweet lord!! :-)

This ride is special and thoroughly enjoyed it...

try to get lost!!

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