Tuesday, May 06, 2008


First time when I heard it, I knew I am in love with it and I had to get one. So last Sunday I browsed through different music shops on 48th Street but this damn little instrument is rare to find. After I got home, I did some research and found one place in Brooklyn where I can get this.

So today after work, I took the subway to Brooklyn. I got off the subway to the streets of Brooklyn and pulled my blackberry to find the directions while (as usual) music was humming in my ears. I am totally in love with this city! I love to walk the Broadway for miles without caring for anything in this world.

Brooklyn is a little downtown type area crowded with Hispanics, Blacks and Italians. But still its New York ;) and the aura of the place is so great to feel. This music shop where I was heading to, looks like to be in some secluded place. Anyway, after some time, I took left turn to the 5th Avenue and suddenly I felt like someone is following me. I turn a little and see few black teenagers giggling and may be following me. I just ignored them and kept walking. Just few secs after that, someone grabs my neck from behind and brought me down. Before I could realize what is going on, I got some sharp hit on my head. And I was attacked by three teenagers. I punched this guy who was grabbing my neck but someone hit me again on the head from other side. One of them said "Gimme your phone" I said "No way..."

At that moment I thought I love my blackberry more than my life and I got another hit in my head. One of them was holding this steel ball tied with a rope with which he was hitting me. I knocked one guy down and try to run to the other side of the street, but I see that the other side of street is scary area to run to with no one around to see and I thought okay, may be life is more precious. I stopped and they again caught me and snatched my BlackBerry. And before I could realize, the blood was all over my head, shirt and face. There was a black lady and one white lady came running to me for help. I sat on the stairs of the nearby house, holding my head with hand to stop the bleeding. This other black lady was calling 911 and explaining the situation to them. And white lady kept asking me "Oh my god, are you okay?"
"Are you losing consciousness?", "do you feel any dizziness or drowsiness?".

she gave me her old tee to hold my head with. I thanked her. I wasn't feeling much pain though there was lot of bleeding. And moments later NYPD car came in and cops started taking my statement and asking for definition before the ambulance could come.
As I was still sitting on one of the stair case, I heard the ambulance coming and one medic comes out of the van and took the readings (BP etc etc.) I wiped my head with towel that this white lady gave me. I thanked her and black lady who called cops before ambulance took me to the Hospital. I was taken to the doctor and before doctor could treat me, detective squad came in and started bothering with those stupid questions.

I got few shots and six staples on my head. I left the hospital for home but on the way I thought "I came all the way here and suffered all that and I am not going back without getting what I have came here for" So I went up to the shop, bought it and walked to 14th street to catch my train back home. On the way I saw a DVD shop. I was looking for this movie called "Into The Wild" for long time but could'nt find it. So I asked the salesman to find this movie for me. He searched all over and could not find it. Before leaving, I thought let me have one look at the shelves may be I'll find it somewhere in the corner and voila! I found it. And salesman said " Sir, today is your LUCKY day." I said "Well, yes!"

And here I am back into my hole, playing C minor and G major on my Ukulele...


Harish said...

Man, you really write very well. Keep it up and its always a pleasure reading your blog.

Ankur said...

New York it is and it has another New Yorker.
What a piece :).
Into the wild and into thy music.
Thank god you lived through it. Creepy too :).

Hows the head by the way?

born_in_the_woods said...

Bloody hell! That was one hell of a incident.

Keep your head in place, we have many many rides to go...

Panduram Ganpathrao Dhule said...

oh yeah...