Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In this country, there are 999 reasons to not to buy Motorcycle and there is only ONE reason to buy. I think that ONE reason makes more sense to me than all other.

I always loved the feeling of saddling up my steed, forgetting about the world-ly things and leaving for nowhere...

Anyways, there is lot been happening over the time LIKE I fucked up my website, completed three decades on this planet, added more trash into my room and many other countless shit...and I couldn’t find enough time to engage with you, Dear Blog.

So here we go with the details...First of all I was wondering why the hell I fucked up my so called happy Life and left my country?? why? well...I think may be my drifter soul can't stay at one place for long enough...reason being, may be I create so much of negative energy around me that I cannot carry it over. Whatever it is, I had to drift, I had to get lost; which is what I am best doing at and I did it. Later, I realized that happiness or what we call PEACE is not relative to the dimensions or space. Or I can say PEACE is nothing but the AURA that we create around us.

I couldn’t resist drifting and finally after much thought, I bought my ride. It took me sometime to connect with it before I could start enjoying its company. It’s exactly like developing an association and relation with someone before you enjoy each others company. It was really hard to go out and ride. People who ride in this country or specially in the east coast, generally don't ride in winters (Nov-March). I bought some warm liners and kept riding in winters even when the Mercury went down to -16 C.
Whoever use to see me on the road from inside their heated Cars, gives me that pathetic look like they were saying " What a NUTCASE?? " . Well, I don't give a DAMN about it.

The Interstate highways here are as fast as we can imagine and are like death tracks, one small mistake on these highways and you are gone. In a way, I think, lately, I am just being risking my life but then that’s the FUN...living LIFE over the EDGE...I think it gives you that HIGH you need outta life. It reminds me of my Himalayan ride days when I rode all over the gigantic mountains, deserts and through glaciers for continuous days with no extra gears/help, without any company; where the roads were not proper to ride and live landslides... one wrong move could take your life. And that’s what the REAL fun is... that’s what makes you feel you are alive and makes you realize the worth of life and time.

Every time when I am about to reach home from my ride, My emotional quotient is so HIGH and I make it a point to log this ride and the experience. But all this energy goes neutral the moment I enter into the NEZ* .

Anyways, few days 've been real good fun when I was on the wheels. Summers coming up soon and I am hoping to do it more...make new friends...see more places...kill more time...

I think if I write more, I'll just heap up more SHIT...

Try to get lost...

* Negative Energy Zone

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