Sunday, September 30, 2007


They say war is a bad thing. I don’t think so. I think war is a good thing. In fact I see a strong possibility of world war III in coming years. And this would be the last war of the world that we’ll know…a nuclear war. I think North Korea will trigger this war. I may be wrong, but i have this hunch.

Anyways, i was saying war is a good thing. Imagine tomorrow war is declared on us. Then what would happen? Everybody will be called to join Army and serve the country. I would be the most happy person as i always wanted to join Army. But above all, i would be happy because we all will be together and fighting for the same cause, It would be like we all are back into college life. Eating cheap food in the Army mess, sharing the rooms and bathrooms, waking early morning and going for the drills and then on the fields for missions. Imagine what a fun it would be when you would go for a mission. You will have nothing to worry about…your career, future, family, ego and other goddamn things. You will just be free in the deserts with heavy army uniform and guns given with freedom to shoot any damn body you want. We will have a map, vehicles, arms and brothers. We’ll sit together on the desert ground and chart out the strategy for the mission. All day long we will fight, get injured, killed, kill and survive. And then when dawn fall, we will find a shelter in the desert jungle and lit the fire. We’ll get drunk, play guitar, sing, dance around the fire. We’ll discuss about what we did with our life after college and how we screwed it. How we missed each other, how we missed everything that we had in our young times. We’ll talk about everything from our lost love, to lost brothers in the battle fields. And next day morning we will wake up hearing the gunshots and dropped bombs from the planes flying high up above in the skies. We’ll shake hands with looking into each others eyes as we’ll know that today some of us will not make it to the night for the toast. And then we will disappear into the battlefields to take our positions with the troops and fight.
We’ll not be afraid but happy that we will live today the way we wanted and die the way wanted our end to be…

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