Thursday, May 17, 2012

Story So Far

Summer is here yay!! The weather is awesome. I've been buying lot of stuff/ accessories for motorcycle and myself...getting ready for the season!

Tonight I received the Diesel Jeans (Ducati version) I ordered few days ago. I was so excited I wanted to try them so after I finished my workout, I thought of going for a little moonlight ride.
Also I came across this newe album by Papon "Story So Far"....I heard few songs and I loved some of them.
I bought the album from Amazon mp3, synced'em on my iPhone and I was ready!

WOW! ...Papon's new songs, awesome weather, motorcycle and a mindful of wandering thoughts!!!!! I took off to US 9 West alongside the Hudson river ....

How many times I have said this but I LOVE riding in the night....the places look different, mysterious, thoughtful, strange, the smell from the trees, roads is nostalgic!

I was in total trance!

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