Wednesday, September 03, 2008

To the mountains

Another day is over and wasted. Proving none of my worth at work, I escaped just on time from work and pressed the button on lift with downward arrow. TING!!! Lift opens its door to me and I see nobody inside except an old man with worn out tuxedo on him, unshaven face and non matching white P.T shoes. I greeted him but didn't get any positive response. He looked at the Diet Coke can in my hand and said something to me which I couldn't hear because of the latched earphones. I pulled right one out and ask,

Sir, did you say anything?
Yes, you know this is the second most popular thing in the world?
What thing?
The Coke..
Oh ok...
Did you know that? no...I didn't (I smiled at him)
Me_: So...what is the first most popular thing in this world then?
Old_Man: Jesus Christ...

Lift opens its gate,
Good night...
Good night.

Last weekend was long one...Labour day on monday and I had a nice trip to mountains all alone, all by myself.
Initially it was planned by me as motorcycle camping trip of 3 days. Doing camping at two sites in Maryland and West Virginia. There is another desi guy in my apartment complex who has got Yamaha V-Star 650cc and wanted to join me for the ride and also my bOngali room partner wanted to be pillion with me. So I was all excited about the trip as I thought this time I would'nt be doing it alone not because I am afraid of being alone (I prefer to ride alone on most of my rides) but sometimes you want to be with the company of human beings. But I forgot that Human Being is a vicious animal.
At the very last moment both of them backed out fearing that they cannot ride that long or whatever. I mean what the hey?? Get a bigger balls, pals!!!
I have seen 3 guys buying motorcycle here (2 of them got inspired by me) just for the very heck of it, they will put some nice pictures on orkut and lure few bitches. Later, all of them sold their bikes.

Ok, who cares? you backed out, alright!! I don't care....I have done it before I will do it again and I would be fine all by myself.
Man, People are crazy, not to be believed.
And then I remember my favorite line from one of very old my favorite T.V show FATICHAR,
"Yaar Fatichar, tu itna emotional kyu hain???"

Little depressed about the whole thing, I could only start at 10:00 am. I didn't buy the tent thinking I may need little experience before I do solo camping and tent pitching. Rode some 350 miles before I called it a day in Maryland moments after I crossed the Pennsylvania state. Most of the hotels were full but luckily I got one room in a hotel near the rocky mountains.

Next day I woke up early morning, did some rough map planning. I have a GPS too but map is a map ...nothing can beat it!!!
Early morning ride to the West Virginia George Washing Mountains (Route no: 129/93/33) covered with clouds was just amazing. The best thing about mother nature is that once you are into her embrace you do not think about any thing in his world, you feel so blessed!!

I took route 33 all the way to the Shenandoah National Park Skyline. You cannot drive faster than 35 mph and once you are stuck behind the cars, you are screwed. Seriously. No overtaking allowed but just for 30 miles stretch. After that I enjoyed twisties completely. Then opened up map and marked few off roads through the mountains, the roads less taken ;-) and followed it!

It was already 5 pm and I hjad plans to stay somewhere in Harrisburg, PA and then travel rest of it on Monday..that is Labour Day but then I thought why not ride it all today and rest whole of Monday since the Virginia highways I-78/I-81 are so very inviting. And just did that and rode 560 miles to home. On the way, as always saw many riders and exchanged greetings. Most of the riders do it and that's what I love about it... a Motorcycle brotherhood, it knows no boundary, its Universal. If you're struck somewhere on the road, they will stop and ask you if you are alright or need any help except those Har(D)ley guys with attitude. They don't bother, they have their own HD fraternity which is what all they care about. Most of them just ride one way and trail it on truck on return. Sometimes I have lot of fun, like whenever I see them on road passing by me, I just rip off the throttle in front of them and in seconds they are out of my rear view mirror's sight. My Gandalf is powerful, Even I don't use its power most of the time (Like speding 200kmph or wheeling etc etc which this cycle is capable of doing that and even more...)

I think the feeling of just possessing the power and not showing it off is just great!!! and as they say, It feels like god!!!

Managed to click few pictures here


born_in_the_woods said...

Acha review likha hai..I am glad you are having a good time...

I agree ki US ki roads are a class apart compared to India, lekin 350 miles mein gand to Dukhti hi hogi?

Isiliye phatt gayi hogi salon ki
No wonder they backed out :)

Chief Reporter said...

good work ....rockr

Chief Reporter said...

wanna feel like god ???open ur shirt ...let be bare 2 ur soul nd let raindrops fall on u nd ya wll be god bajaj pulsar ad though lls

Panduram Ganpathrao Dhule said...

Oh yeeaah....did that many times in India.... ;-) Yahan sala mamu pakad ke jail mein daal dega....

Chief Reporter said...

am nt askin u to do a striptease man .......and half of the ppl ovr there dont wear anythng on the tops (n i kno its legal in manhattan )....includin gals as well ;-) njoi nd make merry ....

Panduram Ganpathrao Dhule said...

Those are Har(D)ley dudes, dude....
I don't wanna be like asshole..

and same to you too, that is make (with) mary..hehe